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fire rated wood doorFire safety is one of the biggest concern for your precious home, thus installing fire rated wood doors for your house can ensure safety and security for you against fire. Fire rated wood doors are widely available in the market but you must make sure to check the BS certification on the door before purchasing it. Laminated wood fire rated door can provide high protection to the wood against fire helping to maintain the quality of the wood as well as safeguard you from fire. The rating of a fire rated wood door is according to the time span it can withstand the devastating effects of fire. There are ratings of 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. Of course, the higher the fire rating of a wood door the more expensive it is. The fire rated wood doors must meet the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. Only after qualifying fireproof tests of certain grades can these wood doors attain the fire rated status.

Safety Features of Wood Fire Rated Door

fire rated wood doors

The 20-minute fire rated wood door occupies nearly 70% of all wood fire rated doors in the market making it the most popular fire rated wood doors among consumers. Industry acceptance of wood fire rated doors tells us the importance of fire rating of wood doors for all types of installation. Fire rated wooden doors help protect your home and your family against the devastating flames of fire. Customizing fire rated wood door is easy and thus both fire safety standards and style is possible to achieve for your home. In addition to tests against fire, a Positive Pressure Testing on fire-rated doors ensures the rigidity and strength of a door. During a fire in an enclosed area, immense pressure develops on furniture and doors thus in he test if the wood fire rated door is able to withstand the pressure than it passes the test. Wide range of manufacturers is available in the market selling various grades of fire rated wood doors. These reinforced fire rated doors enable protect you and your home from fire.

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