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Exterior metal doors painting process

exterior metal doorExterior metal door should be fixed well so that homeowners and outsiders can use the exterior metal doors with much pleasure and comfort. Now, the outdoor patio doors must be polished and bright in color so that the exterior metal doors must be highly functional protective. If you like to make your exterior metal doors more attractive and colorful, you will have to paint the exterior doors perfectly. The exterior metal doors should be well polished with the usage of the qualitative paint colors.

Different Steps of Metal Door Painting

Before applying the painted color to the exterior metal doors, you will have to seek for the sandpaper with 220 grits. You should rub the outer hull surface of the exterior doors well so that there should be no trace of crease or old epoxy on the door surface. You should abide by the following tips for painting the exterior doors which are manufactured with metal. Hot water is required to rinse the door exterior metal doorssurface. The hot soap water will provide the huge impact in washing the exterior doors. The old layer of crease and painted color will have to be totally removed for applying the new paint color to the doors.

Prior to apply the paint color to the surface of the exterior door, you need to cover the door handles and key hole of door with the piece of cloth/paper so that the door handles must not be smeared with the paint color. If you want to do the door painting on your own, you will have to know the painting procedures. Use the good quality primer for painting the metal doors. Leave it dried.

After the application of the first coating of the painted color to the metal doors, you need to smooth the surface of the door with a specially designed piece of 400 grit type sandpaper. After finishing the first coating of painting color, you will have to apply the final coating. Every coating must be conducted in perfect way. When the exterior metal door painting will be done, you will have to remove the paper coverage from the door handles.

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